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How Can I tell if my roof can be repaired or if I need to replace it?
Here are some signs that will tell you that the roof needs to be replaced:
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Several curled up shingles are a sign that the damage may be too great to repair.
The age of your roof is another indicator that the roof should be replaced.
Several bare shingles where the rock material is missing is a sign of age on your roof.
Missing, lose or cracked shingles is an indicator that the roof may need to be replaced.
If you aren’t sure what to do with your roof, contact us by calling 317-786-1868 or click the link to the right to complete our FREE INSPECTION FORM and we will be more than happy to come and take a look at your roof for you.
How long does it take to have my roof replaced?
Stains on your interior ceiling tells you that the leakage to too extensive to repair.
Other things to consider will be the types of materials and if the roof is single ply or built up. Quality contractors will be able to give you a timeline along with their free evaluation of your roof.
This answer will vary depending on the size of your house or business. Another factor is the pitch of your roof, how much flashing will need to be done around skylights, chimneys etc.
What type of guarantee comes with a new roof?
This is also going to vary according to the materials used and the size of the job. It is best to check with the roofing contractor ahead of time so that you will know what is covered and for how long it is covered.
There are both manufacturer’s warranties as well as the warranty that a contractor offers. These will both vary. The manufacturer’s warranty will be based on the materials used and will differ depending on the durability of those materials. And, the contractor should warranty their workmanship as well.
Just click the link below left to complete our FREE INSPECTION FORM or contact us by calling 317-786-1868.
How much will a new roof cost me?
This depends on the materials you use for your roof. Also, keep in mind there are many variables that will affect the final cost of your job. Things like tear off, how many layers there are, the pitch of the roof and access will all affect the final cost.
Underlayment: Felt, Synthetic, Ice and Water Shield
Drip Edge Metal
Hip/Ridge Cap
Nails, Caulking and Other Small Items
Lead and Step Flashing
Pipe Boots
How do I know if I have hail damage?
The signs to watch for are discoloration, pitting and dislodged asphalt granules that leave the fiberglass and asphalt exposed to the elements.
If you are concerned that your roof may have suffered Hail Damage you can contact us by calling us at 317-786-1868 or click the Request for a free inspection button to the right.
Will my home owners insurance cover the repairs or replacement of my roof?
Most homeowner’s insurance policies cover roof replacements due to acts of nature such as hail, wind, rain and fire. If you are looking to simply upgrade the materials on your roof, most likely your homeowner’s insurance policy will not cover these expenses.
It is always best to check your insurance policy to best determine whether or not the insurance company will replace your roof or simply pay to have it repaired.
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